Other Classes

Pre-Mini Elite (ages 4-5.5, 2 hours, 1x per week)

Mini Elite (ages 4-6, 1.5 hours, 2x per week)

Junior Elite (ages 6-9, 2 hours, 1x per week)

The above Elite classes are non-competitive programs intended for those gymnasts showing an above average ability and desire towards gymnastics. This is not a badge program class, as the gymnasts will be working on pre-competitive skills. 


Advanced Trampoline (ages 8+)

This class teaches the students who already have an understanding of basic trampoline techniques as well as the basic skill set.  They will learn how to successfully and safely develop new skills and connections. This advanced class is for athletes who are looking to take their skills to the next level using the trampoline, Tumble Trak and air track. This is a great class for cheerleaders, dancers and trampolinists

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